Not an exhaustive list.

This is not an exhaustive list of modules for Blesta. This list contains the modules that ship with Blesta, or can be found on our Github. There are many third party modules, and some can be found on the Marketplace. We are also available to hire for custom development. If you're looking to create your own module, see Getting Started with Modules in the developer manual.



apnscp is the Apis Networks Control Panel. A perfect hosting platform for your PHP, Ruby, Node, Python, and Go projects. Enable SSL with 1-click, automatically update webapps, scan for OS anomalies, receive notification of service defects, block threats real-time, and keep your site operating at peak performance.

Blesta License

Blesta License integrates with the Blesta Reseller API for provisioning of Blesta reseller licenses. A reseller account is required.

BuycPanel provides low cost licenses for cPanel and other hosting industry related software. An account with is required to use this module.

CentOS Web Panel

CentOS WebPanel or CWP is a free and open source web hosting panel.


Centova Cast is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel.


ConnectReseller is a popular domain name registrar offering private labeled programs for domainers. 


The cPanel & WHM software package is an easy-to-use control panel that gives web hosts, and the website owners they serve, the ability to quickly and easily manage their servers and websites.


Simply put cWatch Website Security is a protection tool for your website, web servers and web applications against the increasing sophistication of hacker threats. A complete website security solution provides early detection, immediate remediation and proactive preventive measures.


CyberPanel is an open source shared hosting control panel.


DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform built with simplicity at the forefront. DigitalOcean gets out of the way so teams can build, deploy, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently.


DirectAdmin is a graphical web-based web hosting control panel designed to make administration of websites easier.


Enom is a domain registrar.

Generic Domains

Generic Domains is a registrar module that requires manual registration by staff. is a domain registrar.


The Interworx Hosting Control panel is a web hosting and linux server management system that provides tools for server admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the operations of their website.


ISPConfig is an open source, transparent, and free web hosting control panel.


ispmanager is a shared hosting panel that provides a rich feature set for managing websites, creating users, handling domains, emails, databases, etc.

License Module

The License Module is a companion to the License Plugin, and is a paid option for software license management.


LogicBoxes is a domain registrar platform and supports many different registrars.


Multicraft is a popular Minecraft server control panel.


NameCheap is a domain registrar.


A popular domain name registrar offering cheap domain names. 


Nominet is the official registry for UK domains.


Openprovider is a popular domain name registrar offering private labeled programs for domainers. 


OpenSRS is a domain registrar by Tucows.

OVH Domains

OVH Domains is a domain registrar.


Plesk is a web hosting control panel available for both Windows and Linux.


Proxmox is a control panel for provisioning virtual servers.


Pterodactyl is the open-source game server management panel built with PHP7, Nodejs, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to administrators and users. Stop wasting time fiddling with other systems — make game servers a first class citizen on your platform.


SolusVM is a virtualization control panel for provisioning KVM, Xen, and OpenVZ VM's.


SonicPanel is a powerful radio based Control Panel.


TCAdmin is a control panel for provisioning game and voice servers.


TeamSpeak is a voice server used for crystal clear sound to communicate with your team mates cross-platform with military-grade security, lag-free performance & unparalleled reliability and uptime.

The SSL Store

The SSL Store is a premium SSL service, offering many brands of SSL certificates.

Universal Module

The Universal Module is the module to use when no other module will do. It allows you to specify what fields to ask for during checkout, and can even interact with a 3rd party API for provisioning of services. This is a powerful replacement to the "none" module in previous versions of Blesta.


VestaCP a control panel for provisioning shared hosting accounts.


Virtualizor is a powerful web based VPS Control Panel. It supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM, XenServer and Linux KVM virtualization.


Virtualmin is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems.


VPS.NET is a virtualization control panel for provisioning virtual machines.


Vultr is a cloud hosting service.


WHMSonic a the complete Shoutcast control panel.

Welcome Email

When creating or editing a package, a welcome email can be created. Below are a list of tags that will always be available to the package welcome email. Modules also can provide a list of tags for use in the welcome email. For a list of module-specific tags, refer to documentation for the specific module.



The system-level client ID 
{client.id_code}The client numbere.g. "1500"
{client.first_name}The client's first name 
{client.last_name}The client's last name 
{pricing.term}The package pricing recurring term/intervale.g. "0", "1", "25", etc.; "0" if the term is one time (non-recurring)
{pricing.period}The package pricing period as language

e.g. "Day", "Week", "One time", etc.

the language may also be plural as well, depending on the term, e.g. "Days"

{pricing.currency}The package pricing currencye.g. "USD", "JPY", "GBP", etc.
{pricing.price}The package price of the service, formatted in the currency based on currency settingse.g. "5.25" (use currency_format filter to format currency values)
{pricing.setup_fee}The package setup fee of the service, formatted in the currency based on currency settingse.g. "5.25"
{pricing.cancel_fee}The package cancelation fee of the service, formatted in the currency based on currency settingse.g. "5.25"

Configurable Options

If configurable options are used by the package, they are accessible to the Package Welcome Email as well as part of service.options.


Looping through Config Options
Configurable options:
{% for option in service.options %}
{option.qty}x {option.option_label}: {option.option_value_name}{% endfor %}

Based on the example above, the following tags are available:



The system-level option ID 
{option.service_id}The system-level service ID

This is the service ID this configurable option is attached to

{option.option_pricing_id}The system-level option pricing ID 
{option.qty}The quantity for this option 
{option.option_value}The value for this option 
{option.option_value_name}The name for this option 
{option.option_label}The label for this option 
{option.option_name}The name for this optionThis is the hidden "name" for the form field
{option.option_type}The type of field for this optionMay be "select", "checkbox", "radio", or "quantity".
{option.option_pricing_term}The term for this optionAny integer value. A term here of 1 and a period of Month would equal 1 month.
{option.option_pricing_period}The period for this option

Can be "day", "week", "month", "year".

{option.option_pricing_price}The price for this option 
{option.option_pricing_setup_fee}The setup fee for this option 
{option.option_pricing_currency}The 3 character currency code 



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