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Not an exhaustive list.

This is not an exhaustive list of plugins for Blesta. This list contains the plugins that ship with Blesta, or can be found on our Github. There are many third party plugins, and some can be found on the Marketplace. We are also available to hire for custom development. If you're looking to create your own plugin, see Creating a Plugin in the developer manual.


Auto Cancel

Auto Cancel is a plugin that automatically schedules suspended services for cancellation.

Billing at a Glance

Billing at a Glance is a plugin that makes available a widget under the Billing Overview.

Component API

The Component API plugin grants API access to core and plugin components through the API. This can be used to, among other things, download PDF invoices via the API.

Download Manager

The Download Manager allows staff to make downloads available to clients and non-clients. Downloads can be restricted by client group, purchased package or available publicly.

Extension Generator

The Extension Generator is a plugin that allows users to automatically generates basic files and methods for a Blesta extension using relatively simple web forms.

Feed Reader

Feed Reader is a plugin that makes available a widget under the Dashboard.

Import Manager

Import Manager is a plugin that imports data from legacy Blesta, or a competing billing application.

IP Unblocker

IP Unblocker is a plugin that allows clients to unblock their own IP address if they become blocked from CSF/LFD.

License Manager

Mass Mailer

Mass Mailer is a plugin that allows the administrator to send bulk emails to clients.

Order System

Order System is a plugin that allows the creation of public facing order forms, providing a method for clients to purchase new services.


PHPIDS is a plugin that makes available an Intrusion Detection System.


Portal is a plugin that makes a web portal available at the default installation URL.

Reassign Pricing

Reassign Pricing is a plugin that allows staff to change the package pricing of a service to one outside of the current package group.

Shared Login

The Shared Login plugin allows third-party system to automatically log clients into Blesta.

Soft Auto Installer

Soft Auto Installer is a plugin that can deploy software applications through Softaculous immediately after provisioning hosting accounts.

Support Manager

The Support Manager provides a ticket system where clients and staff can create tickets through email and the web interface.

System Overview

System Overview is a plugin that makes available a widget under the Dashboard.

System Status

System Status is a plugin that makes available a widget under the Dashboard.

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