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PHPIDS is an Intrusion Detection System plugin for Blesta that makes use of the open source PHPIDS library.

PHPIDS is designed to detect and block a variety of web attacks, and may block some legitimate requests if not configured properly.

Installing PHPIDS

  1. Visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Plugins] > Available.
  2.  Click the "Install" button within the PHPIDS plugin listing.

Configuring PHPIDS

To configure PHPIDS, click the "Manage" button for the plugin under [Settings] > [Company] > [Plugins] > Available for the PHPIDS plugin.

The setting Minimum Impact Rating to Redirect has a lower limit value of 15. Setting a lower value for this setting will default back to 15.



PHPIDS logs suspicious activity. The logs can be viewed by clicking the "Settings" tab while managing the plugin.

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