Thank you for choosing Blesta! This section is designed to help you get up and running with your new or upgraded installation as quickly as possible.

Already Installed?

If Blesta is already installed, you might be interested in learning more about Using Blesta.

Getting Started


Minimum and recommended system requirements.

Installing Blesta

Installation steps and common issues.

Upgrading Blesta

Upgrading steps and common issues.

Migrating to Blesta

How-to on migrating from a competing system.

Logging In

Logging in and configuring MOTP or TOTP.

Enabling Two-Factor

Enabling two-factor authentication with TOTP or MOTP.

Moving Blesta

How to move Blesta to a new server.

Important Terms

Installation steps and common issues.

Debugging / Tools

Tweaking the Configs

Making changes to config files that can impact the behavior of Blesta.

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