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Gateways are separated into two categories: Merchant and Non-Merchant. Typically, Merchant gateways require a merchant account and payment is all handled seamlessly through Blesta. Non-Merchant gateways usually do not require a merchant account and payment is processed offsite on the gateways website.

Installing Gateways

To use a gateway, it first must be installed under [Settings] > [System] > [Payment Gateways] > Available. Once installed, the gateway can be configured and used. It will then be accessible under [Settings] > [System] > [Payment Gateways] > Installed by clicking the "Manage" button for the desired gateway. 


Merchant gateways are used to process credit card or ACH transactions seamlessly to the end-user. These gateways typically require a merchant account through a bank.

  • is a popular payment gateway for US merchants, and many banks offer as a gateway option with a merchant account.
  • BluePayBluePay is a popular payment gateway for US merchants.
  • eWayeWay is a popular payment gateway for Australian merchants.
  • PayPal Payflow ProPayPal Payflow Pro is a popular payment gateway offered by PayPal.
  • Quantum GatewayQuantum Gateway is a popular gateway for US merchants.
  • StripeStripe is a popular payment gateway in North America, and Europe. Stripe is built for developers and offers flat fee processing.
  • PayJunctionPayJunction is a popular payment gateway in the United States.
  • ConvergeConverge (Formerly VirtualMerchant) is a payment platform that flexes with your business.
  • BraintreeBraintree is a merchant payment gateway owned by PayPal.


Non-Merchant gateways take the user to a third party site to complete payment, which is then posted back to Blesta to be recorded. These gateways do not usually require a merchant account.

  • 2Checkout2Checkout is a globally accepted payment processor that accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards.
  • AlipayAlipay is a popular Chinese payment gateway.
  • BitpayBitpay is a payment processor for bitcoin, which also accepts a multitude of currencies.
  • CCAvenueCCAvenue is a payment processor for the Indian rupee.
  • Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout is a payment gateway by Google.
  • PagSeguroPagSeguro is a payment processor for the Brazilian real.
  • PayPal Payments StandardPayPal Payments Standard is one of the most popular payment gateways in the world.
  • PayUmoneyPayUmoney is a popular Indian payment gateway.
  • PayzaPayza is a globally-accepted payment processor.
  • SkrillSkrill (Formerly Moneybookers) is one of the worlds leading digital payment companies.


Additional Gateways

Additional gateways are added periodically and 3rd party gateways are available in The Marketplace. If the gateway you use is not listed here, or available in The Marketplace, we may be able to develop it for you.

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