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About Wide Pay

Wide Pay, is a Brazilian payment processor. Learn more about Wide Pay on their website at

Installing Wide Pay

To install the Wide Pay payment gateway, visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Payment Gateways] > Available, and click the "Install" button for Wide Pay.

A message will be displayed, indicating that the payment gateway was successfully installed.

Enter the details provided by Wide Pay.

Field NameDescription
Wallet IDEnter the ID of the wallet in Wide Pay.
Wallet TokenEnter the API token provided by Wide Pay for the chosen wallet.
Accepted Currencies

Check the currencies that you would like to be processed through this payment gateway.

The following currencies are available:


When finished, click "Update Settings" to save the details.

Custom Client Fields

In order for this gateway to work properly a couple of custom client fields should be configured

Field NameField TypeRegexDescription
Cpf/CnpjTextN/AThe identification number sent when creating a charge in Wide Pay.
Entity TypeText/Física|Jurídica/iThe entity type sent when creating a charge in Wide Pay.

Changing Field Name

You may want to change the name of the custom fields for any number of reasons (e.g. translating it into another language).  To do this check the 'Name is a language definition' box and update the language/[lang_code]/_custom.php file and add the line 

$lang['_CustomFields.Entity Type'] = 'Custom Field Label';


$lang['_CustomFields.Cpf/Cnpj'] = 'Custom Field Label';

You have successfully installed and configured Wide Pay!

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