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Supported Tags

Every email sent by Blesta supports, at minimum, the following tags:

TagDescriptionNotesSince Version
{base_uri}The URI to Blesta's base directorye.g.
{admin_uri}The URI to Blesta's admin interfacee.g.
{client_uri}The URI to Blesta's client interfacee.g.

Available Email Templates

Client Emails

The following email templates are sent to clients, if enabled, after particular events or actions. Staff may receive BCC copies of these emails if their staff group has these BCC notices set, and the staff member subscribes to them under their [My Info] -> [Notices] section.

Staff Emails

The following email templates are sent only to staff users that have subscribed to receive them under their [My Info] -> [Notices] section. Staff may only subscribe to notices that are available to their staff group.

Plugin Emails

Plugins may set their own email templates. Take a look at each plugin specifically for more information on the email templates they support. For 3rd-party plugins, consult the 3rd-party plugins' documentation.


Email templates do not support embedded styles, e.g. within a <style></style> tag. Instead, styles should be inline.

For example:

.div { width:50px; } = BAD
<div style="width:50px;"> = GOOD

There is utility that may help convert your styles to inline styles at

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