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The following data is imported from WHMCS to Blesta:

.Staff who log into your WHMCSAffiliates.Emails sent to clients.Invoices generated to your clientsSupport Departments departments made on WHMCS.Support Taxes
Import TypeDescriptionImport TypeDescription
Payment AccountsCredit / Debit cards saved in WHMCS.
Admin (Staff)Staff who log into your WHMCS.
CalendarCalendar events.
EmailsEmails sent to clients.
InvoicesInvoices generated to your clients.
Support DepartmentsSupport departments made on WHMCS.
Clients (Active / Inactive)Clients on your WHMCS installationAdmin (Staff).
ConfigurationWHMCS settings.
Contacts (Client's contacts)Contacts on your clients account.
CalendarCalendar events.CurrenciesCurrencies on your WHMCS installationEmails.
Products (Packages)Packages on your WHMCSInvoices.
ServicesServices created on your customers.
Support TicketsSupport tickets created on WHMCS.

Importing from WHMCS

Preparing WHMCS (If importing from your live WHMCS installation)