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About Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service that allows to programmatically send and receive text messages. Learn more about Twilio on their website at or sign up and get a free $10 credit when you upgrade out of a trial account.

Supported Types


Installing Twilio

To install the Twilio messenger, visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Messengers] > Available, and click the "Install" button for Twilio.

A message will be displayed, indicating that the messenger was successfully installed. Then click the "Manage" button.

Enter the details for your Twilio account.

Field NameDescription
Phone Number

A Twilio number you own with SMS capabilities.

Account SIDYour Account SID.
TokenYour account authorization Token.

After filling out these options, click "Update Settings" to save your Twilio settings.

Final Steps

The only thing left to do is to enable notifications in the desired plugin. To find out which plugins support messenger notifications see the Plugins section.

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