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Download the SDK

The SDK includes a sample Non-merchant Gateway to get you started.

Non-merchant Gateways must extend the NonmerchantGateway class.


The NonmerchantGateway class is an abstract class that defines methods that all non-merchant gateways must implement. In addition, it implements a method to handle common errors, and extends the Gateway class which can be found in /installpath/components/gateways/lib/gateway.php.

The NonmerchantGateway class can be found in /installpath/components/gateways/lib/nonmerchant_gateway.php.

Common Errors

When implementing nonmerchant gateways a number of errors may occur either with validation or with processing. The NonmerchantGateway class provides a method called getCommonError(), which converts common error types into error response values suitable for error message passing (i.e. can be set into Input::setErrors()). You are encouraged, whenever possible, to use these common error types.

invalidUse whenever the gateway processor submits an invalid request.
transaction_not_foundUse whenever the gateway processor does not recognize the transaction.
unsupportedUse whenever the gateway does not support the requested action (e.g. refund())

Use for all other cases.

Setting Errors

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