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Release Date2021-06-09

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End of Life Date2022-06-09
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This is a feature release for 5.1.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

This release is currently in BETA. This page will be updated until final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added the Domain Manager, significantly improving support for domains.
  2. Added a new Generic Domains module for selling domains for manual registration.
  3. Added Configurable Option Logic
  4. Added an option to cache a copy of invoices when they are generated.
  5. Added an option to enable CAPTCHA for login pages.
  6. Added support for hCAPTCHA.
  7. Added a bulk delete option for Packages.
  8. Updated the Bitpay cryptocurrency gateway to use their new API.
  9. Updated the Support Manager to optionally include ticket attachments in email notices.
  10. Updated the Support Manager to support ticket reminders by department.
  11. Updated the Pterodactyl module to support upgrades/downgrades.
  12. Updated the Pterodactyl module to support many new configurable option overrides.
  13. Updated the Order system to add compatibility with the Domain Manager.
  14. Updated the Order system to add support for configurable option logic to order forms.
  15. Much more...

Developer Notes for Blesta 5.1

Preparing for PHP 8

We stopped using Html::ifset() and Html::_() for PHP 8 and recommend that you do the same.

Domain Registrar Modules

Registrar modules should define their type in config.json as: "type": "registrar",

Hotfix Notice

Hotfix Notice

Blesta no longer supports versions older than PHP 7.2, so there is no longer a need to ship hotfixes.


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