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  1. Log into Centos Web Panel as Root
  2. Open file manager and navigate to /usr/local/cwp/.conf/
  3. In the above directory create 2 new files (they most likely do not exist)
    1. api_key.conf (open this file and copy and paste just the API key created in CWP into this file then save it)
    2. api_allowed.conf (open this file and paste just the IP adress of the webserver where Blesta is installed...if blesta has its own IP address then i would imagine one should use that ip address)

Common Errors

  • Q: When creating a service I get the error "An internal error occurred, or the server did not respond to the request." but the account is created on my CWP server
    • A: Make sure you provided a correct and valid Package ID on the Package Module tab. CWP returns an unusual response if this Package ID is not correct.