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  • reCaptcha always returns "The captcha entered was invalid. Please try again."
    • This may be a result of allow_url_fopen being disabled in your PHP config. To confirm, check your Blesta logs for: general.WARNING: E_WARNING: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 This directive must be changed for reCaptcha to work properly.
  • When a user visits the payment page to pay with PayPal or another non-merchant gateway, they are redirected after 5 seconds without clicking the payment button.
    • This redirect is intentional, but if you are using PayPal Subscriptions and there are 2 buttons, users may not have enough time to make a selection before being redirected. To change the time to redirect, edit /plugins/order/views/templates/(wizard/ajax)/javascript/checkout_complete.js and change the value for delay(5000) to the desired value. The number represents milliseconds.