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Enter the details provided by


In order to use Developer Mode, see the instructions in the testing guide

Field NameDescription
Login IDEnter the Login ID provided by for API requests.
Transaction KeyEnter the Transaction Key provided by for API requests.
Payment APISelect AIM for local storage, and CIM for token storage. If you are using CIM, please ensure that it's enabled for your account.
Payment Account Validation ModeThis controls what type of validation is performed when a payment account is stored using CIM. 'None' performs no additional validation. 'Test' issues a test transaction that does not appear on the customer's statement but will generate an email to the merchant. 'Live' processes a $0.00 or $0.01 transaction that is immediately voided. Consult your Merchant Account Provider before setting this value to 'Live' as you may be subject to fees.
Test ModeCheck to enable Test Mode. Test mode is only available when using the AIM Payment API. Transactions submitted in Test Mode will not settle.
Developer Mode

Check to enable Developer Mode. In this mode, transactions will be posted to the developer environment. You must have a developer test account in order to use this environment.

Accepted Currencies

Check the currencies that you would like to be processed through this payment gateway.

The following currencies are available: