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The License Module is a companion to the License Plugin, and is a paid option for software license management.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents


This License Module is a companion to the License Plugin, which is a paid plugin for license management and serves as the license server. This module will not work on its own.

Version Compatability

Certain versions of Blesta and the license module are not compatible with each other.  Refer to the table below to make sure your version are compatible

Module VersionCompatible Blesta Version
<= 1.6.0Any
>= 1.7.0>= 4.6

Installing the License Module

  1. Visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Modules] > Available.
  2.  Click the "Install" button within the cPanel License Module module listing.


When the module is installed, it should automatically load the "Manage" screen for the module. You can get back here any time by visiting [Settings] > [Company] > [Modules] > Installed and by clicking the "Manage" button for the module.

License Module Overview

The "Manage" screen displays an overview of all your licensed products.

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Adding a Licensed Product

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Developer Questions

I need to send some custom data to my software from the license server that I can evaluate within my software. How do I accomplish this?

Sending custom data can be accomplished by making a modification to the license module. Open ~/components/modules/license_module/license_module.

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php and look for the following code snippet:

Code Block
		$custom = array(
			'license_type' => (isset($service->package_pricing->period) ? $service->package_pricing->period : ""),
			'cancellation_date' => $service->date_canceled

Add additional data by appending it to this array.

Creating Packages

Welcome Email

The "Tags" section describes tags that may be used in the welcome email. The welcome email content is inserted into the "Service Creation" email template under [Settings] > [Company] > [Emails] > Service Creation. Only details unique to this service should be entered into the welcome email section for the package.

Sample Email

This sample email could be used in the Package Welcome Email section to help you get started. Be sure to enter content for your welcome email in both the HTML and Text sections.

No Format
Thanks for choosing us.

Your {} is now active and can be installed.
License Key: {service.license_module_key}
You can download {} from, just click on the "Downloads" section.

Thank you for your business!