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titleUpgrading from 3.x to 4+?

Some files and directories were removed in version 4.0.0 that were present in 3.x which you may wish to remove when upgrading.

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  • ~/helpers/date
  • ~/helpers/form
  • ~/helpers/html
  • ~/helpers/javascript
  • ~/helpers/pagination
  • ~/helpers/xml
  • ~/lib/cache.php
  • ~/lib/configure.php
  • ~/lib/controller.php
  • ~/lib/dispatcher.php
  • ~/lib/language.php
  • ~/lib/loader.php
  • ~/lib/model.php
  • ~/lib/router.php
  • ~/lib/stdlib.php
  • ~/lib/unknown_exception.php
  • ~/lib/view.php


Follow Watch the video or follow these steps to upgrade Blesta on your server.

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1. Make sure you have valid Support & Updates.


  • Click the link "Continue with Upgrade" to start the upgrader. OR
  • In a shell, copy and run the command displayed, or cd to the directory you uploaded the contents of blesta, run the following command, and follow the directions to complete installation: php ./index.php admin/upgrade


Patching an existing install