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  1. In a shell, cd to the directory you uploaded the contents of blesta.
  2. The CLI installer can be run in interactive mode, or non-interactive mode by passing parameters.
    1. For interactive mode run 

      Code Block
      php ./index.php install

      titleRoot Web Directory Setting

      If Blesta is not installed in the document root on your web server, it is important to note that the "Root Web Directory" setting will be inaccurate unless you install Blesta while your current working directory is set to the document root:

      Code Block
      titleInstalling from the web server's document root
      cd /to/your/web/server/document/root/
      php ./path/to/blesta/index.php install

    2. For automatic mode run

      Code Block
      php ./index.php install -dbhost DATABASE_HOST -dbport DATABASE_PORT -dbname DATABASE_NAME -dbuser DATABASE_USER -dbpass DATABASE_PASS -hostname WEBSITE_HOSTNAME -docroot DOCUMENT_ROOT_PATH

      -dbhostThe database hostname (usually localhost)
      -dbportThe database port (usually 3306)
      -dbnameThe database name
      -dbuserThe database user
      -dbpassThe database password
      -hostnameThe website hostname. For example, The is the hostname where Blesta will be accessed from. If not set, will attempt to detect the hostname from server configuration, which in many cases will not be accurate.

      The full absolute path to the web server's document root (e.g. /var/www/html/). This should not be set to Blesta's installed directory unless Blesta is installed in document root. If this value is not set, it will be set based on your current working directory, which will not be accurate unless the current working directory is the document root.

      titleOption added in v4.6.0

      This value can be changed from within Blesta, after installation, under Settings > System > General > "Root Web Directory".

  3. Once installation completes, direct your web browser to to create your administrator user and enter your license key or start a free trial.