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INSERT INTO client_settings (client_settings.key, client_settings.client_id, client_settings.value) SELECT 'autodebit', `clients`.`id`, 'true' FROM `clients` LEFT JOIN `services` ON `services`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `services`.`status` = 'active' LEFT JOIN `client_settings` ON `client_settings`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `client_settings`.`key` = 'autodebit'  WHERE `services`.`id` IS NULL AND `client_settings`.`key` IS NULL;

Fetch the Collation of Tables

This query can be useful for fetching the collation of your database tables. Replace DATABASE-NAME with your database name. The query should return each collation found and the tables that use it.

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SELECT table_collation AS collation,GROUP_CONCAT(table_name) AS tables FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema='DATABASE-NAME' GROUP BY collation;