Settings not specific to any company are available under System Settings.

System Settings are a group of settings that affect the system, and are available under [Settings] > System. Access to System Settings is controlled through the Staff Group via the ACL (Access Control List).

System Settings

System > General

General settings include Basic Setup, GeoIP Settings, Maintenance, License Key, and Payment Types.

System > Automation

Automation displays the last run time, the command to configure a cron task with, and allows the cron to be run manually.

System > Companies

Add or update Companies.

System > Backup

Configure automatic backups using SFTP, or Amazon S3, or download a backup to your local computer.

System > Staff

Create or modify Staff accounts and permissions. Staff have access to the Blesta Admin area.

System > API Access

Control access to the installation's API.

System > Upgrade Options

View upgrade information and downloads.

System > Help

View help resources for your installation of Blesta.

System > Marketplace

Browse and download plugins, modules, gateways, and more from the Blesta Marketplace.

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