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Configure Automation

Automation consists of specific tasks which are run at a certain time daily, or at a specific interval. The following tasks are available for configuration, and are only able to run if a cron task has been successfully created on the server (see how to Set up a Cron Job on the Installation page).

Apply Payments to Open InvoicesIntervalLoose credits are applied to open invoices automatically at the interval selected.
Auto DebitTimePayment accounts selected for auto debit will run to pay off open invoices daily at the time specified.
Cancel Scheduled ServicesTimeServices with future cancellation dates are removed at the interval selected.
Card Expiration Reminders 15th of MonthTimeA reminder will be sent on the 15th of the month for credit cards expiring that month at the time specified.
Clean up LogsTimeOld cron, gateway, module, and other logs will be rotated daily depending on their retention settings at the time specified.
Create InvoiceTimeRenewing services are invoiced through this task, which runs once daily at the time specified.
Deliver InvoicesIntervalInvoices that are scheduled for delivery will be sent at the interval selected.
Deliver ReportsTimeA/R, Invoice Generation, Tax Liability, and other reports will be delivered daily at the time specified.
Exchange Rate UpdatesInterval

Exchange rates will be updated at the interval specified.


Many exchange rate services put limitation on the number of requests that may be made to the service each day. To prevent from being blocked by the service it is not recommended to run this more than twice daily.

Payment RemindersTimePayment reminders and late notices are sent daily at the time specified.
Process Service ChangesIntervalPaid queued service changes (e.g. upgrades) are processed at the interval selected.
Process Service RenewalsIntervalRenewing services that are attached to modules are renewed at the interval selected.
Provision Paid Pending ServicesIntervalPaid pending services are activated at the interval selected.
Suspend ServicesTimePast due services will be suspended daily at the time specified.
Unsuspend ServicesIntervalSuspended services that have been paid will be unsuspended at the interval selected.

Clearing Task Locks

If a cron tasks fails to end successfully you may see a Clear Task Lock link next to the task. Clicking this link will remove the lock on the task and allow it to run again. Typically task locks will clear on their own. Frequently occurring task locks are an indication that there is an issue with your server or with Blesta. Check the Cron Log for additional details.


Plugins and modules may install their own cron tasks, so you may have additional cron tasks listed. Consult the manual for that specific plugin or module for additional details regarding those tasks.

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