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This section is incomplete, and this policy is subject to continuing revision.

Blesta will not arbitrate license disputes. Once a license is transferred, the only way it can be transferred back is at the request of the new license holder. Blesta reserves the right to deny the transfer of any license for any reason, even if the license is otherwise eligible for transfer.

Transfer Eligibility

Licenses may be transferred if:

  1. The license was purchased from, and not through a reseller.
  2. The license was purchased at least 90 days ago.
  3. The license is an owned license, and is covered by support & updates. If support and updates has expired, it must first be extended.

Transfer Process

Licenses may be transferred from one client to another by following this process:

  1. License holder must open a ticket to confirm transfer eligibility, including the license key in question.
  2. Once the license holder wishes to transfer the license, the ticket must be updated, or a new ticket opened with a transfer request. The request should include the new owners full name and email address.
  3. A transfer fee of $25 must be paid by the original purchaser in order to complete the transfer.
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