Release Date2022-08-09

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End of Life Date2023-08-09
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This is a feature release for 5.5.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added an option to hide client fields that are not required.
  2. Added transaction messages in the transaction expand area for supported gateways.
  3. Added the ability to set the Client ID Start Value, Client ID Format, and Client ID Increment Value in Client Settings.
  4. Added a Package setting to set a price override on services when they are created.
  5. Domain Manager now supports bulk import of TLDs with pricing markup for supported registrars.
  6. Domain Manager now supports the ability for domains to be renewed further in advance of services.
  7. Domain Manager now supports the option to set a price override on domains so domains renew at the original price.
  8. Domain Manager now includes filters for the TLD Pricing list to filter by TLD and Registrar.
  9. Order plugin now includes an abandoned cart option to send email reminders to the client with automatic order cancellation.
  10. Order plugin template preview screenshots have been updated.
  11. Portal plugin now supports multi-language.
  12. Namecheap now pulls in supported TLDs via their API rather than static config.
  13. Namecheap now supports TLD import and price sync.
  14. Enom now supports TLD import and price sync.
  15. Namesilo now supports TLD import and price sync.
  16. Logicboxes now supports TLD import and price sync.
  17. Stripe Payments now sets transaction messages.
  18. Stripe Payments now shows an ACH "Mandate".
  19. domain registrar module module has been added.
  20. Much more...

Developer Notes for Blesta 5.5

  1. Added a new event for Email Verification.
  2. Added a Doc Comments file in ~/lib/doc_comments.php for IDE support.
  3. Modules may now insert their own content in the client service management overview page.
  4. Blesta ships with a Source Guardian hotfix for PHP 8 support. We recommend updating your extensions to work with PHP 8.

Preparing for PHP 8

Reminder: We stopped using Html::ifset() and Html::_() for PHP 8 and recommend that you do the same. We have a hotfix for PHP 8.0 support that requires SourceGuardian. This hotfix now ships with Blesta, including in beta releases.

Domain Registrar Modules

Reminder: Registrar modules should define their type in config.json as: "type": "registrar",

Hotfix Notice

Hotfix Notice

Blesta no longer supports versions older than PHP 7.2, so there is no longer a need to ship hotfixes for those versions. A hotfix is included for PHP 8 which requires Source Guardian. As of version 5.5 we do not yet recommend PHP 8 for production use.


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