Release Date2022-02-14

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End of Life Date2023-02-14
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This is a feature release for 5.3.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Domain Manager now supports importing pricing into existing TLD's from Enom, Logicboxes, Namecheap, and Namesilo.
  2. Namesilo registrar module now implements support for the TLD configurable options.
  3. Added a new OpenSRS domain registrar module.
  4. Added ACH support to the Stripe Payments gateway.
  5. Added a new Accept.js merchant payment gateway.
  6. Client area dashboard widgets can now be sorted and enabled/disabled by staff.
  7. Services can now be pushed between clients.
  8. Added a new setting to append package descriptions to invoice line items.
  9. Added many new client messenger templates.
  10. Much more...

Developer Notes for Blesta 5.3

  1. Added more registrar module methods.
  2. Added before/after event actions.
  3. When creating templates, missing views will be loaded from the default template, making it similar to a child theme.
  4. Modules ad plugins can now write to the cron log.

Preparing for PHP 8

Reminder: We stopped using Html::ifset() and Html::_() for PHP 8 and recommend that you do the same.

Domain Registrar Modules

Reminder: Registrar modules should define their type in config.json as: "type": "registrar",

Hotfix Notice

Hotfix Notice

Blesta no longer supports versions older than PHP 7.2, so there is no longer a need to ship hotfixes.


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