Release Date2021-10-19

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End of Life Date2022-10-19
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This is a feature release for 5.2.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added a proper "Inclusive" tax option.
  2. Added UK HMRC Vat validation, in addition to the previous EU VAT validation due to Brexit.
  3. Added an "In" and "Not In" operator for Configurable Option logic.
  4. Added an option so that staff and clients can renew services and domains in advance.
  5. Updated Packages to improve UX, splitting Packages into multiple tabs.
  6. Updated the client area to add a contact list box to the left column of the dashboard, and moved contacts and payment accounts to the drop down menu on the far right.
  7. Updated the Braintree gateway to add support for CC offsite / tokenization.
  8. Updated the Plesk module to allow an account limit and new add order option to be set.
  9. Much more...

Developer Notes for Blesta 5.2

Preparing for PHP 8

Reminder: We stopped using Html::ifset() and Html::_() for PHP 8 and recommend that you do the same.

Domain Registrar Modules

Reminder: Registrar modules should define their type in config.json as: "type": "registrar",

Hotfix Notice

Hotfix Notice

Blesta no longer supports versions older than PHP 7.2, so there is no longer a need to ship hotfixes.


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