Release Date2020-04-09

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End of Life Date2021-04-09


This is a feature release for 4.9.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added the Razorpay payment gateway.
  2. Vultr has been updated to support IPv6 subnets.
  3. Order Manager improvements including reducing the frequency of unnecessary fraud checks, a new setting to disable ACH/CC payment methods for new clients, improved drag-n-drop of packages on order forms, and more.
  4. Import Manager now includes mapping for importing Pterodactyl services from WHMCS.
  5. Modern WHMCS password hashes now work in Blesta after importing. (No need for clients to reset passwords post-migration!)
  6. Staff widgets that appear on the Dashboard or Billing Overview can now appear in either or both locations.
  7. Client limits can be set for packages, limiting the client to a certain number of services using the package.
  8. New plugin settings feature allows individual plugin functionality to be enabled or disabled. (e.g. You can now disable the KnowledgeBase within the Support Manager)
  9. Notes are now included in the smart and client search.
  10. Cancelled services can now optionally be deleted by staff.
  11. Much more...

Hotfix Notice

Hotfix Notice

Blesta supports PHP 5.4-7.3 out of the box when your Ioncube Loader version is 10.1 or greater. If you are running a version of Ioncube Loaders less than 10.1, you may apply one of the included hotfixes for backwards compatibility.

* PHP version >= 7.1.0 - use /hotfix-php71/blesta/
* PHP version >= 5.6.0 and < 7.1.0 - use /hotfix-php7/blesta/
* PHP version >= 5.4.0 and < 5.6.0 - use /hotfix-php54/blesta/


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