Release Date2019-02-27

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End of Life Date2020-02-27


This is a feature release for 4.5.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added extensions Paystack, Soft Auto Installer (Softaculous integration), Kassa Compleet, Kassa Compleet iDEAL.
  2. Added support for running Blesta behind a proxy or load balancer with use of the X-Forwarded-For header.
  3. Ajax load ticket replies and status changing when viewing a ticket as a staff user.
  4. Support ticket setting to automatically update the status on reply.
  5. All plugins that register navigation links now use language definitions for those links.
  6. Automatically add new lines when creating manual invoices.
  7. Invoices with partial payments can now be modified, as long as the total remains the same.
  8. Updated Maxmind GeoIP to use the new GeoLite2 database.
  9. Gateway and module log data is now automatically split if it exceeds storable size.
  10. Much more...

PHP 7+ Users

PHP 7 Support

Included in this release is a /hotfix-php7/ and a /hotfix-php71/ directory. Please use the former to overwrite the default /blesta/app/app_controller.php, /blesta/app/app_model.php, and /blesta/app/models/license.php files for PHP 7.0 and the later for PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2.


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