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Release Date2017-12-21
Getting issues...


End of Life Date2018-12-21


This is a feature release for 4.2.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added coupon billing cycles.
  2. Staff may set their own language.
  3. Updated extensions cPanel, SolusVM.
  4. Yahoo Finance replaced with 4 new exchange rate processors: Open Exchange Rates,, X-Rates, and Currency Layer.
  5. Added support for PHP 7.1 (7.2 may work also, but not officially supported yet)
  6. Auto-debit can be disabled on an invoice by invoice basis.
  7. Developer support for query parameters for plugin actions.
  8. Module system can now render messages set by a module to the view.
  9. Added the following extensions (must download separately for the beta): CentosWP, ISPConfig, Square, PerfectMoney, Hubtel.
  10. Much more...

PHP 7+ Users

PHP 7 Support

Included in this release is a /hotfix-php7/ and a /hotfix-php71/ directory. Please use the former to overwrite the default /blesta/app/app_controller.php, /blesta/app/app_model.php, and /blesta/app/models/license.php files for PHP 7.0 and the later for PHP 7.1 (and PHP 7.2. While PHP 7.2 is reported to work, it is not officially supported and we would recommend PHP 7.1 for the moment.).

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