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Release Date2017-08-24
Getting issues...


End of Life Date2018-08-24


This is a feature release for 4.1.0. This page will be updated to include tasks completed in subsequent betas as well as the final release.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Allow optional client/contact fields to be required.
  2. Added a language selector on all client and portal pages.
  3. Updated extensions Plesk, DirectAdmin, cPanel, Order Forms, Support Manager.
  4. Added exception and user action logging to disk with Monolog.
  5. A module is no longer required to create a Package.
  6. Added many new events / hooks.
  7. Plugins can register the same action more than once (For example, multiple primary nav links)
  8. Added the following extensions (must currently be downloaded from Github): TCAdmin 2, VestaCP, Virtualmin, WHMSonic, Centovacast, PayUmoney, Alipay, Yandex
  9. Much more...

PHP 7+ Users

PHP 7 Support

PHP 7.1 is not yet supported due to Ioncube loaders. PHP 7.0 is supported.


Included in this release is a /hotfix-php7/ directory. Please use this directory to overwrite the default /blesta/app/app_controller.php, /blesta/app/app_model.php, and /blesta/app/models/license.php files.


All updates for this release (May be limited to first 200)


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