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Plugins are "plug-and-play" applications that extend the functionality of Blesta. This document explains how to design and develop plugins, and highlights the roles plugins may assume when rendering data.

  • The Creating a Plugin section explains the basic requirements and structure for any plugin.
  • The Plugin Actions shows how to have your plugin register actions, which is primarily how plugins are displayed in the interface.
  • The Plugin Cards shows informational cards on the client profile.
  • The Widgets section explains how to have your render widgets, which goes hand in hand with Plugin Actions.
  • The Service Management Tabs section describes how to setup your plugin to render tabs when managing a service.
  • The Plugin Cron Tasks sections shows how to create custom cron tasks which can execute at set intervals or specific times.
  • The Plugin Events section describes how to trigger a plugin to execute during special events.
  • The Extending the API section explains how to use plugins to add additional functionality to the Blesta API.
  • The ACL section describes how to integrate a plugin into Blesta's Access Control List.
  • The Email section explains how to manage and send email through a plugin.
  • The Database Access section explains how to build and execute queries on the database.

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