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If you think you've found a bug, we'd love to hear about it. We'll work with you to attempt to duplicate the issue. Once we've been able to duplicate the issue we'll file a bug task in our issue tracker and work towards fixing the issue as soon as possible.

To report a bug, please start a new thread in our Bug Forum for each bug and include all relevant information about the bug. Here's a basic list of information we may need. Whatever you can provide so that we can quickly understand and replicate the issue is much appreciated.

  1. Describe the issue you're experiencing.
  2. Provide detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue.
  3. List any generated errors. (The "Oh Noes" error pages are very helpful.)
  4. Include the URL the error occurred on, relative to the installation path, ie "/admin/login".
  5. Attach screenshots.
  6. Include your configuration settings, i.e. OS, version of Blesta, version of module/gateway/plugin if applicable, version of PHP & MySQL.

Do not report security vulnerabilities on the forums. Please report security vulnerabilities only in accordance with the Responsible Disclosure Policy.

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