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Back up Everything

If importing from your live Clientexec installation, stop the cron job for Clientexec, put the installation into maintenance mode, and back up all files and the database.

Blesta 4.1

This importer was introduced in Blesta 4.1. If you are running an earlier version, or would like to see additional information about getting this importer to work with <4.1, see

If you prefer, you can create a copy of your Clientexec database and import from that instead of your live system.

Importing from Clientexec

Preparing Clientexec (If importing from your live Clientexec installation)

  1. Make sure you have completed the Initial Steps for Migrating to Blesta.
  2. Stop the cron job running for your Clientexec installation.
  3. Put Clientexec into maintenance mode to prevent client logins by visiting [Setup] > [General Settings] > [General].
  4. Back up your Clientexec files. You can do this via an FTP program, or via a shell by running: zip -r /path/to/installation/*
  5. Back up your Clientexec database. You can do this through a database manager like PHPMyAdmin using the "Export" feature, or with the mysqldump shell command by running: mysqldump -u database_username -p database_name > backup.sql and entering your database password when prompted.

Performing the Import

  1. Visit [Settings] > [Company] > [Plugins] > Installed and click "Manage" for the Import Manager.
  2. Click the "5.5" link next to the platform Clientexec.
  3. Fill out all of the requested fields
    1. Database Host: Enter your Clientexec database server name. If MySQL is running on the same server, use localhost
    2. Database Name: Enter the name of your Clientexec database.
    3. Database User: Enter the user name for your Clientexec database.
    4. Database Password: Enter the password associated with your Clientexec database user.
    5. CC Passphrase: Enter the CC Passphrase as found in Clientexec under Settings > Security > CC Passphrase. This is necessary to import credit card numbers.
  4. Double check that the data is all correct, and click the "Continue" button.
  5. You will be prompted to allow the importer to import your packages into Blesta, or match them up. It's recommended that you go with the default setting and import the packages, however, advanced users may wish to create their packages in Blesta first and match them up.
  6. Submit the form to start the import.

Importing can take a while

Importing your data can take several minutes or more, please be patient. When the importer has finished, it will display a green success message.

Enabling Legacy Passwords

PHP 5.5 Required

In order for legacy passwords to work, you must be running PHP 5.5 or greater on your server.

Password Length

Passwords stored in Clientexec exceed the 64 character size of the users.password field in the Blesta database. In order to import passwords from Clientexec, update users.password to something like VARCHAR(255)

In order for clients to log into Blesta after being imported, you must enable legacy passwords in Blesta. When a client logs in, their password will be converted automatically to a more secure hash.

To enable support for these passwords edit the /config/blesta.php configuration file within your Blesta installation and change

Configure::set("Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords", false);
Configure::set("Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords_algo", "md5");


Configure::set("Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords", true);
Configure::set("Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords_algo", "clientexec-sha256");

Then save the file. After a sufficient amount of time has passed, you may change this setting back.

PayPal Subscriptions

Do you have any active PayPal Subscriptions?

PayPal Subscriptions

If you have any active PayPal Subscriptions in Clientexec, they will not automatically work with Blesta. Beginning with Blesta 3.5, PayPal Subscriptions can be maintained by creating a redirect in your .htaccess file. At the beginning of the file, add the following:

Redirect 301 /plugins/gateways/paypal/callback.php /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/

This redirect may need to be adjusted depending on your path to callback.php in your Clientexec and your Blesta installation directory. Also, the 1 in /callback/gw/1/paypal_payments_standard/ references the company ID in Blesta. If you do not have any addon companies, then the company ID is 1.

Return to complete the Final Steps.

Common Errors

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