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  • The Programming Style Guide explains the programming style used throughout Blesta. You are strongly encouraged to adhere to these guidelines.
  • The API section offers documentation on and example usage of the API system.
  • The Payment Gateways section describes how to create Merchant and Non-Merchant payment gateways (for collecting payments).
  • The Modules section describes how to create Modules (for provisioning services).
  • The Plugins section explains how to create Standalone Plugins, Widgets, and how to use plugins to Extend the APIgives you everything you need to know to create custom code for Blesta.
  • The Invoice Templates section describes how to create invoice templates.
  • The Events section explains how to Hook into Events as well as how to Create Events.
  • The Translating Blesta section describes how to translate Blesta into another language.
  • The Settings section gives an overview of settings inheritance.