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  1. Log into the client area at and click "Manage" next to your license, then "Manage License" on the left, then check and save the "Re-Issue" option. If you obtained your license from a reseller, you will need to perform this step in their client area (which may be different), or by opening a ticket with them.
  2. Log into Blesta on your new server and visit Settings > System > General. Make sure all the paths are correct, update any that are not right.
  3. If the hostname changed, be sure to update it under Settings > System > Companies.
  4. Verify that everything looks good, and then set up your cron. See Settings > System > Automation for help.

titleCron Disabled?

Did you remember to disable the cron on your old Blesta server? If the server remains up and files in place, it will continue to bill customers.