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  1. Copy the /app/views/client/bootstrap/ directory and give it your own name like "mytheme".
  2. Edit the config.json file in the template directory, changing the name and authors, and any of the other information but keep the structure. (See below for an example)
  3. Upload it to /app/views/client/ so that your theme exists at /app/views/client/mytheme/
  4. To use the theme, go to Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Template, and select your template from the "Client Template" dropdown.
  5. Edit the templates as desired.

Code Block
	"version": "1.0.0",
	"name": "MyTheme",
	"description": "Built on Bootstrap 3.1.",
	"authors": [
			"name": "Phillips Data, Inc.",
			"url": ""
	"require": {
		"blesta": ">=3.2.0"