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Because you are logged into a new staff account while performing the import, imported tickets will not appear to you by default. Go to Support > Staff, click the [+] button to add your staff user to all departments. Select Administrators for Staff Group, then your Staff Member, and assign yourself to all departments by moving them from Available Departments to Assigned Departments.

Enabling Legacy Passwords


In order for clients to log into Blesta after being imported, you must enable legacy passwords in Blesta. When a client logs in, their password will be converted automatically to a more secure hash. WHMCS 5.3.9 added a more secure hashing method to client passwords. Users that were created in or after this version, or clients who logged into their account since this version must reset their passwords in Blesta by using the password reset option on the client login page. Even if you are running a more modern version of WHMCS, enabling legacy passwords may still be beneficial to users who have not logged in since < v5.3.9.

To enable support for these passwords edit the /config/blesta.php configuration file within your Blesta installation and change