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Enter the details for your DirectAdmin server.

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Field NameDescription
Server LabelEnter a label for this DirectAdmin server, it can be anything you like.
Host NameEnter the FQDN hostname for your DirectAdmin server, i.e. "".
UsernameEnter your DirectAdmin username. This is the username you would log into DirectAdmin with.
PasswordEnter your DirectAdmin password. This is the password you would log into DirectAdmin with.
Use SSL when connecting to the APICheck this option to use SSL for all API requests to your DirectAdmin server. This is highly recommended.
Account LimitEnter the maximum number of accounts that should be added to this DirectAdmin server.
Name ServersEnter the name servers that should be used for this server. These will be available to the package welcome email to the client.
NotesEnter any notes that pertain to this server for future reference.