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  • During installation, you receive a blank page that reads "The file /blesta/app/models/license.php is corrupted." or "The file /blesta/app/app_controller.php is corrupted."
    • You must apply the correct hotfix files to your installation.
  • During installation, you receive a blank white page (or a 500 Internal Server Error).
    • You may not have the ionCube loader installed correctly, or you may not have applied the correct hotfix files over your Blesta installation.
  • Connection FAILED. Ensure that you have created the database and that the credentials are correct.
    • Check to ensure the hostname, database name, user, and password you entered are correct and try again.
    • If the credentials are correct you may have MySQL old_passwords enabled. Disable old_passwords for your database or update your user's password:

      Code Block
      % mysql
      % SET SESSION old_passwords=0;
      % SET PASSWORD FOR 'username'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('password');

  • Call to undefined function crypt_random() on line 1660 in /home/user/blesta/vendors/phpseclib/Crypt/RSA.php
    • The line number and path may be different. This error has most commonly been seen with Nginx installations. The issue has to do with a missing include_path in php.ini.
    • Edit your php.ini to add the include_path to your PHP binary.
    • Please see this forum thread for more details on this issue, and to download a test script to confirm whether your server is affected by this issue.
  • The email failed to send due to a configuration issue. Occurs when trying to send an email, and email is configured correctly.
    • Disable SELinux (Via SSH run as root "echo 0 > /selinux/enforce" Then, so that it remains off after boot, edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux and set SELINUX=disabled
    • If you MUST run SELinux (not recommended) you can run the following command instead "setsebool -P httpd_can_sendmail 1"
  • Mod rewrite is not enabled, or htaccess is not supported by this server.
    • Make sure mod_rewrite is loaded in Apache and that AllowOverrides is set to All in your httpd.conf for your virtualhost
    • Make sure MultiViews is disabled in your virtualhost in httpd.conf. (If you receive this error and the URL in your browser is ~/install/ this is almost certainly the issue)
  • Cron does not work, outputs error "Undefined variable: argv on line"...
    • Edit your php.ini file and set register_argc_argv to "on". Restart the web server.
    • If running CloudLinux, you may need to edit the php.ini for alt-php. The location of the php.ini will be something like: /opt/alt/php54/etc/php.ini (Note the version php54, php55, etc) Then, run the following command to rebuild: cagefsctl --rebuild-alt-php-ini
  • I get a white page at /settings/company/billing/invoices/ after upgrading to version 4
    • Remove ~/helpers/html. This directory was removed in v4 and may be causing the issue. You might also see the error "Cannot declare class Html, because the name is already in use in ..."
  • I get an "Undefined index: total" or "Error while sending QUERY packet" or "PDOStatement::execute(): send of 113 bytes failed with errorno=32 Broken pipe"
    • It's possible max_allowed_packets and/or wait_timeout values are too low in your MySQL config. Edit /etc/my.cnf (default location) and set max_allowed_packets to a value of 128M or higher, and wait_timeout to a value of 3600 or higher.
  • After I install, when I try to login it automatically logs me out. I may see a flash of the Dashboard before I'm redirected.
    • Make sure the PHP extension Suhosin is disabled.
  • I get an error about open_basedir restriction: realpath(): open_basedir restriction in effect