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INSERT INTO client_settings (client_settings.key, client_settings.client_id, client_settings.value) SELECT 'autodebit', `clients`.`id`, 'true' FROM `clients` LEFT JOIN `services` ON `services`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `services`.`status` = 'active' LEFT JOIN `client_settings` ON `client_settings`.`client_id` = `clients`.`id` AND `client_settings`.`key` = 'autodebit'  WHERE `services`.`id` IS NULL AND `client_settings`.`key` IS NULL;

How do I prevent a domain or service from being renewed via the module when an invoice is paid?

Sometimes, particularly with domains the domain could be renewed outside of Blesta. We recommend that you let Blesta handle these renewals automatically. If for some reason you need to prevent that from happening you will need to remove the relevant record from the service_invoices table where invoice_id=your invoice id, and service_id=your service id.

Fetch the Collation of Tables